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Or at tipping point?

We've all experienced indecisiveness and voices of self-doubt. Every day we compare ourselves to others to measure our level of satisfaction and sense of fulfillment. We long for material things that are out of our reach and feel disappointment when we can't attain them. It's easy to be overwhelmed by the things we feel are lacking and feel defeated, whether it be in our careers, families, partners, friends or free time. Life seems so precarious at times that it seems just one bad thing can set us off into a downward spiral of negative thoughts.

​Have you ever had these thoughts? I'm too old, I'm too short, I'm fat, I'm ugly, I'm not good enough, I can't do it, I'll never be able to do it, I don't deserve that, I'm a loser, I never get what I want. Subconscious scripts like this program our every day lives and impact our personal development. Even worse, these attitudes get passed onto the people we love. For example, our children. 

Do you have a static mindset of a growth mindset? What if I told you it isn't so difficult to change as long as you have a growth mindset? And if you're not there yet, come and learn to have a growth mindset.

Hey There

Why get life coaching?

Hello, I'm Shasi. The creator of Chatterbox Sprachschule and teacher with more than 15 years of experience in Japan and Germany. I am adding life coaching to my career path but how does a person decide to go from English teacher to life coach?

I specialise in getting students of all levels to do the majority of talking in class. So you might be surprised to know the biggest asset of for a teacher to possess is listening. We listen for grammatical mistakes, ways we can help improve fluecy and vocabulary, but a good teacher will not enforce their own opinions onto other but rather listen and moderate. Students learn to trust you and slowly they reveal many details of their lives including their problems either directly or indirectly. It's impossible for me not to want to listen and give contructive advice or opinions and sometimes you have a lesson more akin to a therapy session, though I am certainly not a trained therapist.

The road to life coaching

I have had many life experiences, growing up as a minority in a small Australian town, transitionsing to student life in a big city like Melbourne (pop. 5+ million) Australia then living in a poor district of Perth. Even just in Australia I got to know such a range of different people from all walks of life. When I became an immigrant in Japan and Germany I had to learn so many skills but the hardest was to be by myself. To find work alone, to live alone, make a home alone, make friends, find romantic companionship, to live in an a abusive relationship, have a child, live alone and raise a child with no family nearby so I had to improve my career to support my daughter and I alone. To say it was hard would be an understatement. But I never give up and I have been motivating others ever since with my philosophy on challenges. I bring them on and then I conquer them!

Turn off the negatives, switch on the positives

I have learned from my own life experiences and from the experiences of others. I have learned how to turn off the negative voices that hold me back from doing what I want. I have learned to motivate myself to do sport, improve my job opportunities, see the positives that come from negatives and I have helped others keep their dreams alive and stay focused on their personal goals.

You need a life booster

You don't know why you feel so down or out of energy.

If you are generally feeling demotivated and can't put your finger on the specific cause or causes I can help you find the source of your main issues. We will have discussions on how to make small changes to help you foster your growth mindset. Long term change needs to happen slowly and become realistic habits. We will also do active challenges tailored to your specific goals as a tool to see how the brain can be trained to be positive.

Looking for love to share

Some people hate to admit it, but isn't that the dream of most people? To meet someone that means so much to you you want to spend your life with them. I talk to and see so many people who want this so badly but either have no experience in the dating world or they are not happy with the way their dates go. i specialise in helping men improve their chances of dating by giving a woman's perspective. We look at dating app profiles and how to increase the number of matches and then practise ways to make a good first impression! Two extremly important parts of the modern dating process. Getting past the good impression you still need substance. So we will also learn how a healthy relationship can be sustained where two people with differnt personalities, life experiences and ambitions can be happy together.





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